By: Tone Of Life Gongs

Gong & Sound Baths during Pregnancy

The theme of Gonging and Sound Baths during pregnancy is one which has come up over the years, with many conflicting and in some cases frightening theories.  As a mother of 5 this is a subject close to my heart and Womb!!

9-dniowy Trening Gong i Dźwięk w terapii- 25 Maj – 2 Czerwiec 2019

Ten intensywny Trening “Gong i Dźwięk w Terapii“ jest dedykowany dla każdego, zarówno dla osób początkujących, średniozaawansowanych czy zaawansowanych studentów wykorzystujących Gongi i Dźwięk jako narzędzie uzdrawiania czy po prostu odnajdywania połączenia ze sobą samym...

Sacred Sound Ceremony – Chagford, Devon – 12 July 2019

Tone of Life & The Healing Hare present: Sacred Sound Ceremony® followed by an audience with Tom Soltron & Abby DelSol

Tone of Life Gongs and Accessories – REVIEWS

Through years of experience, continuous development, daring vision, open hearts and co-operation between the creators, Tone Of Life Gongs are reaching the hearts of people all over the world. Today our Gongs can be found in every corner of the globe, where they resonate with incredible power!


Letni Krąg Kobiet z Ceremonią Szałasu Potów – 2019

Spotkajmy się we wspólnej podróży w uważności i obecności z wypoczynkiem i spokojem. W połączeniu z naturą i żywiołem ognia, podążajmy do naszego wewnętrznego ogrodu, aby odżywić i pielęgnować samych siebie.

Frequency, tones and overtones of Tone of Life Gongs

By "frequency" people mean the tuning of the gong, and they think there is a basic note or fundamental note to which the gong is tuned.

Magical Passes for Women

These Magical Passes for Women are designed to harness and balance the creative energy of the womb...  Our Energy body and Goddess flow of creativity

Outdoor Musical Instruments … develop your creativity!

Playing instruments together with peers on playgrounds is an important step in the musical education of every child. Such installations offer several possibilities of creative search, as well as free experimentation with sound and melody. Music is also an excellent outlet for emotions and helps one cope with stress.