Gong around the world – Photo Gallery

Pictures of events, gatherings and our mountain retreat centre....

Koncert dla Ziemi w Teatrze Małym w Tychach

Zapraszamy serdecznie na spotkanie w przestrzeni dźwięku.

Solfeggio Frequency Myth, Truth or just a Story? – My Experience

Since 2009 I have listened to many Solfeggio Frequency numbers on the internet and wanted to find proof :) or confirmation to the Solfeggio Frequency Stories that I found on the internet and read about in various books; that they work with our feelings and even some repair our DNA like the 528Hz.

MT Tone of Life European Tour – 2015

We welcome you to an amazing, transformational Musical Mystery experience which will feature a fusion of the Mother Cosmo Gong and her family with ancestral and modern instruments and the Human Voice.


Some experiences

This sound was gentle enough to calm my senses and strong and deep enough to lift me up...

Himalayan Singing Bowls

The bowls belong to the bell family (sometimes called resting bells). They originate from the Tibet area, found both within shamanistic rituals of the Bon tradition and Buddhist meditations.

The Gong, History and Effects

It is considered that tin was the first metal to flow from stones around 10.000 B.C. and as the ovens got hotter copper began to separate from rocks around 6.500 B.C.

Gong, Whales and Dolphins gathering

I would like to tell you about our meeting with Whales and Dolphins which took place a couple of weeks ago in the small port town Puerto Piramides on the Peninsula de Valdes in Argentina. This is my personal story...