Gong Bath – Warsaw 18 December 2016

We create the sound track, you create your own inner movie from which you manifest your own reality... Dream your Dream alive...

MEM Gong Yoga Level 3 – Sweden

"Samadhi is a resonant state of intuition and rejuvenation... Holistic Consciousness is I am spirit, you are spirit... Aum is the sound of total resonant health... Resonance is everything working together in functional harmony... Just as the organic tone cells within your own body work together..."

United States & Canada – West Coast Tour, 2016

As well as the Gongs and Human Voice, you will experience a weaving of sounds from Santur, Crystal Bowls, Singing Stone, Drums, Rattles, Koncovka (shepherds flute), Fujara (Slovakian flute), Drumla, Monochord, Handpan, Koto, Native American Flutes… to mention but a few of the main characters of this great Musical Improvisation.

Tone of Life Concert The Earth – London 2 June 2016

We welcome you to an amazing, transformative Musical Mystery experience. Our concerts feature a fusion of modern and archaic instruments, the human voice and many Gongs including 60” Earth and Cosmo, a combination of heaven and earth, taking you on an inner journey where time ceases to exist in the spiritualization of mater.


MEM Gong Yoga Training Level 2 – Sweden

Join us in Sweden for the second level of MEM Gong Yoga training from the 29th October to the 2nd of November 2015... When you exist in your most powerful resonance, you are like a resonating gong, experiencing the bliss of true health!

MT Tone of Life European Tour – 2015

We welcome you to an amazing, transformational Musical Mystery experience which will feature a fusion of the Mother Cosmo Gong and her family with ancestral and modern instruments and the Human Voice.