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Fa 639Hz Relationship – Solfeggio Meditation – Tom Soltron sound

Another amazing Solfeggio Meditation that lead true our life story, amazing voices and heavenly atmosphere will take you to the interesting voyage.

528 Hz Miracle – Tom Soltron sound – Solfeggio Meditation

This is another Dynamic Solfeggio Meditation for movement and dance. You can hear Santur, Native american flute, Drum, Drumla, Sounds of Nature from amazing Bolson Forest and our home in Polish Mountain. This musical piece brought few miracles into my life and transformation to move. Enjoy!

Between Here & There Concert in Tychy Theatre

Between here & there - 4 Elements Gongs Improvisation - Abby delSol, Jadwiga Andrzejewska - script, Nicola Palladini - Dance, Tom Soltron - music.

Re 417 Hz Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change – Solfeggio Meditation – Tom Soltron sound

Move Forward with the sound of nature, whales, crystal bowls, piano, drum. This Meditation is about to make a connection with Your Presence and to make a gentle step forward to make a change that we seek in life.


Music, Meditation & Videos

Here you will find some numbers which are recorded, others which are still not released, workshop reports, and GongChiFlow Yoga exercises...

Ut 396 Hz, Liberation from Guilt & Fear – Solfeggio Meditation – Tom Soltron sound

Ut 396 Hz, Liberation from Guilt & Fear – Solfeggio Meditation – Tom Soltron. This is Dance Mediation, play loud... please find a space around you, focus on your Hearth and Intention and let your self flow with the music..

Wheel of time – Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble

Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble. Concert for Humanity recorded in Polish Radio Rzeszow 15.11.2007. Full Improvisation using archaic and modern instruments. From deep heart songs to drum beats in total sound field of the Gong recorded in Polish...

Moving On – Tom Soltron sound

The music will take You on a trip from the Himalayan Mountains, through India, to sea side caves in Crete and the Moon. On this album everyone will find something, from meditation songs, heart songs, reflection songs of our ancestors and dance beats. Special guests on album Abby delSol and Jarek Babula.