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Sound Starts with You

Tom Soltron: After I started to play the Gong and share with other people the benefits I received from that sound, I realised that the power of this sound and energy that comes out of these instruments in someway interacts with the human body, mind, emotions, and feelings… in someway we have much better access to our feelings because the sound calms the mind… Generally, Sound Ceremony or Sound Sessions that we offer are for you to feel your inner world!

The next part of understanding the nature of the sound was to find out that the sound is also ruled by the Elements. The elements are so close to us because we are made of the same elements as the nature that surrounds us. Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ether…

Abby DelSol: As a child growing up, music was always a very important part of our family life. I always had a strong spiritual connecting with music, and from a very young age with the sound of my own voice as a companion. 15 years ago I met the Gong and it was the beginning of something new in my life, something that has expanded and grown. It was a very deep experience at that moment without knowing the Gong had actually walked into my life… As a child, I discovered this ability to connect with something outside of myself through my voice but I lost it when I grew up and forgot it until I met the Gong and sound from a different, completely unknown place… It was that time when I rediscover my voice and the power within the voice, this power that the naked voice has to bring you to absolutely present, absolutely now with spirit…


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