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Women's Retreats - Awakening Goddess

April 4 to 7, 2024 - Vejer de la Frontera, Andalucía, Spain

Integrated practice of the Temple Arts

With Beata Eckert, Abby Delsol & Africa Nieves

Three days with Women in sacred ceremony, learning the Temple Arts, what they represent, and how to incorporate this medicine into your every day life. Awakening our memory in connection with, and part of, Nature. With deep gratitude to the Great Mother, who gifts us life, learning to integrate every aspect of life as sacred, creating personal space as sovereign beings, daughters of the Earth and Sun.

As spring begins to blossom, we are reminded of our connection with the cycles of nature, and so we come together to reconnect with both our physical body and our soul. By grounding ourselves in the present we will be able to take a deep dive inward and recognise our sovereignty. As we witness the seeds that we sowed come into full bloom, we come together like women who came before us, to create a space where we can meet with our inner voice and empower it to express its truth. Our truth.

The facilitators Beata Eckert (Poland), Africa Nieves (Spain) & Abby Delsol (UK/Argentina) will guide you through Ceremonial Dance, Cacao Ceremony, Sacred Sound Ceremony, personal care rituals with Nature's medicine and chanting to cleanse, purify and blossom all aspects of your being; your physical body, your thoughts, your emotions, your energetic body and the divine being which you are.

Take a glimpse at what to expect during the retreat…

With years of practice working with 5Rhythms®, Dance Improvisation, Body Symbolism and Experimental Dance Theatre, Beata will guide us in grounding movements, helping us to tap into our intuitive body and unlock unrestricted forms of dance and soul-expression.

As a practicing Medicine Woman and with expertise in natural gynaecology, Africa will share techniques employed in herbal medicine to energetically cleanse the body – our temple – to create space for our soul to access and unveil the deepest, most sacred corners of ourselves.

After decades of experience in Sound Therapy, Abby will accompany us in examining the relationship between the body and the voice using breathwork, guided meditation and visualisation to help release the truths hidden in our beautiful, unique voices.

As we witness the reawakening of Mother Earth, Gaia, Pachamama, The Great Goddess, we sink our roots deep this Spring, as we channel her energy inward to awaken our connection with the goddess archetype and embrace the natural force of our femininity.

Let's ceremoniously explore the wonders of the Temple Arts and challenge our relationship with ourselves as modern women, give light to our sovereignty and make space for our inner Goddess to glow.

This workshop invites you to free your body and discover your unique inner power, no matter your age or experience!


AbbyDelSol has been working with archaic sounds, movement and singing for many years as tools to deepen Intuition, understanding and self-confidence in life Improvisation (Great Britain, Spain, Poland, Argentina and many South American countries). She grew up in a holistic family, dealing with natural therapies, building community of El Bolson in Patagonia (Argentina)

Beata Eckert is a teacher of bodywork using the 5Rytms® method. She conducts workshops in Poland and abroad. For many years, she has been deepening various healing techniques, dance movement improvisation and meditation. She is a masseuse and instructor of Dance Improvisation, Body Symbolism and Experimental Dance Theatre. She takes part in various types of artistic projects.

Africa Nieves is a genuine Andalusian Medicine Woman and alchemist working with medicinal herbs and the spirit of nature for the Cleansing and Blossoming of the energetic body. A specialist in natural gynaecology sharing the arts of herbalist and phytotherapy in a way which is accessible to everybody. For many years, Africa has been a Facilitator of women's retreats in nature, following the Year Medicine Wheel, in deep connection with the the cycles of nature through prayer and Temple Arts including Sweat Lodge....


Camino de la Ponderosa, nº 215, 

La Muela de Vejer de la Frontera 

(Cádiz) Spain

A natural space in Vejer de la Frontera, Southern Spain. A place where you can, breathe and disconnect. On farm land surrounded by pines, wild olive trees, cork trees and fields. It has 5 hectares, 4 of which are totally wild, returned to Mother Earth. 

For more information message Abby tel: +34603639855


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