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"Tone of Life's series of "Element" Gongs is one of the most exciting things happening in the world of gongs today"... When we read these opinions about the Gongs we create with love and passion, we are filled with gratitude, and at the same time our desire to share with you the fruits of our labour more and more people grows.

Intensive Gong and Sound Therapy Training – Retreat August 2017 [photo gallery]

Transformation, change, awakening, enlightenment – everyone describes what they discover within their hearts during the workshop in their own way, what they experience in the context of the current moment of their lives, naturally, organically, personally.

Himalajskie Misy Śpiewające z Brązu

Misy należą do rodziny dzwonów (czasem nazywa się je resting bells). Wywodzą się z rejonu Tybetu i łączą w sobie tradycje szamańskich rytuałów religii Bon oraz medytacji buddyjskich