Tone Of Life

MT Tone of Life European Tour – 2015

We welcome you to an amazing, transformational Musical Mystery experience which will feature a fusion of the Mother Cosmo Gong and her family with ancestral and modern instruments and the Human Voice.

Fa 639Hz Relationship – Solfeggio Meditation – Tom Soltron sound

Another amazing Solfeggio Meditation that lead true our life story, amazing voices and heavenly atmosphere will take you to the interesting voyage.

Pomiędzy Tutaj i Tam – Koncert w Teatrze Małym w Tychach

Krótka relacja z Koncertu w Tychach zatytułowana "Pomiędzy Tutaj i Tam" z udziałem Abby delSol, Jadwigi Andrzejewskiej - teksty, Nicolli Palladiniego i Toma Soltrona Czartoryskiego - muzyka.

Re 417 Hz Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change – Solfeggio Meditation – Tom Soltron sound

Move Forward with the sound of nature, whales, crystal bowls, piano, drum. This Meditation is about to make a connection with Your Presence and to make a gentle step forward to make a change that we seek in life.


Music, Meditation & Videos

Here you will find some numbers which are recorded, others which are still not released, workshop reports, and GongChiFlow Yoga exercises...

Medytacje Dynamiczne Solfeggio – Tom Soltron

To są medytacje w ruchu... Włącz muzykę głośniej, znajdź trochę przestrzeni wokół, skoncentruj się na Sercu i Intencji. Oddaj się muzyce i pozwól ciału poruszać się tak jak potrzebuje...

Some experiences

This sound was gentle enough to calm my senses and strong and deep enough to lift me up...

Himalayan Singing Bowls

The bowls belong to the bell family (sometimes called resting bells). They originate from the Tibet area, found both within shamanistic rituals of the Bon tradition and Buddhist meditations.