9-day Intensive Gong and Sound Therapy Training – participants reviews

9-day Intensive Gong and Sound Therapy Training have been organizing for many years. It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to discover the power of gongs and many other instruments. Below you will find some comments we received from our workshop participants.

Intensive Gong and Sound Therapy Training – Retreat August 2017 [photo gallery]

Transformation, change, awakening, enlightenment – everyone describes what they discover within their hearts during the workshop in their own way, what they experience in the context of the current moment of their lives, naturally, organically, personally.

Sound and voice – powerful tools of transformation

„I came for the gong and sound therapy training, but experienced much more than I could have imagined” - these are the most beautiful „thank you” words we hear from the participants of our 9-day intensive training sessions. What is it that makes it so worth participating in this workshop?

Intensive Gong and Sound Therapy Training – Retreat July 2017 [photo gallery]

We discover and experience the power of transformation and healing that sound has on our lives. We reciprocate each other with sounds, voices and music that flows straight from our hearts...


Do you love sound?

Our friend Esteban, Musicologist and expert in Pre-Colombian instruments will come to Porabka, Poland to lead a 4 day intensive workshop on the Cosmo-vision of the pre-Hispanic South American cultures from 20 to 23 July 2017.

What is MEM Gong Yoga?

“When you exist in your most powerful resonance, you are like a resonating Gong, experiencing the bliss of true health!”

9-dniowy trening “Gong i dźwięk w terapii” – warsztaty Lipiec / Sierpień 2017 – Porąbka

Chcemy zaprosić Was, tak jak robimy to co roku, do naszego magicznego miejsca, w sercu polskich gór. Nasz ośrodek odnowy jest unikalną przestrzenią, otoczoną lasem i naturą z salą pełną Gongów i różnych interesujących instrumentów z całego świata.

Mem gong yoga teacher training

Mem gong yoga teacher training - Shambalan Bornstorpet - 19-23.04.2018 - with Abby delSol and Karin Gibson.