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Summer, Gong, Yoga & Sound Healing

5 to 7 July, 2024 - Andalucía, Spain

This immersion is an opportunity to just drop into Being.


Treat your mind, body and spirit to a weekend of Yoga, Sound Healing & Nature.  Learning valuable techniques which you can apply to your personal or profesional healing practice. Through Yoga and Sound we have access to parts of our psyche which we generaly ignore in every day life.  This Immersion is an opportunity to connect with those parts and align with your soul purpose.  


Weekend Immersion

Taking time out to Be, to release tensions from our body and mind is indispensable to bring about health and wellbeing. 

During our time together we will delve into the energy of summer. Discover what tools are available to us through the wisdom of ancient practices applied to modern day living. We will apply practices from Ayurveda, Taoism, the Medicine Wheel, Herbalism and Nature based spirtuality.

 In Summer we bring special attention to our Heart energy and the water element.  The water outside of us, the waters that flow through our bodies and the memories held within.


Empowering us to make the right choices and follow our own soul purpose.  

Join us for:

  • Grounding morning practice, awaken the body with MEM Yoga & Sound Bath

  • Singing Bowl Massage in the Water

  • Walks by the River & forest bathing in the magical nature that surrounds this unique green paradise in the South of Spain

  • Dynamic Meditation connecting with your purpose

  • Sacred Sound Ceremony

  • Vocal activation - connecting with the power of your own sound

  • Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork & Movement

Whether you are a yoga teacher or therapist looking for new tools to enhace your offering or just in need for some time out, this Immersion could be just what you are looking for!


Finding Purpose

For the past couple of decades, our life purpose has been to delivery yoga, movement and sound as a form of healing.


To us healing is simply self awareness, acceptance (even what we cannot accept), being present in everything we do and, amongst many other things sustaining a daily practice where we meet ourself exactly where we are in that moment without judgement, sit with it, dance with it, cry with it, breath with it… then we get on with it ;) flowing in the busyness of life with all it's ups and downs, like the waves of sound emanated by the Gong, like the waves of the ocean.

Your Guides

This event always sells out.
And we truly hope you will join us.


Thank you for writing. We'll get back to you in 48 business hours. Con amor, Tom & Abby

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