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We create music for the Inner Journey

More and more people are aware of the healing processes of vibration and sound, and how they can contribute to embodied healing, or transform us into more aligned states of mind. Simply put, music does this, and so does music inspired by resonance and reverberation.

I have composed a lifetime of music in multiple formats, many focused on specific emotions, designed for meditation, or moving through feelings whilst in transition. A few here, and many more available via Bandcamp and Youtube.

About Tom & The Journey of
Sound Healing

7 Generations of Healing

Our journeys to understanding ourselves can be so overwhelming- they are just a tiny fraction of the process and experiences that we choose. I have made it my mission in life to support these journeys, and do it through the very tunings that have supported me.


I was born in communist Poland. It was a very different time than now.  I spent much of my time thinking about the destination. Much time was spent riding trains to the outer reaches of geopolitical zones - as far as they would let me- in my case it was Russia. I relished in where I could go, the exotic being at the edges of the rail line politically available. The sounds of the trains on rails, my first soundtrack...


Outdoor Instruments

We teamed up with Husarska Designe to design a set of sixteen outdoor instruments for KBT Music.

These are designed for musical development for children, but truly, they can be played by all people. They are magnificent for playgrounds, in city parks, nursery schools and preschools or even in the garden at home.

Each instrument may be the beginning of an adventure full of wonderful tones and interesting musical discoveries, from the Xylophone, marimba to the handpan and monk bells. The playing technique is very simple, intuitive and enjoyable, allowing us all to be more spontaneous in sound and music making.



Tone of Life Gongs have been engineering gongs since 2006 borne from the collaboration between Tom Soltron in Poland and Johaness Heimrath in North Eastern Germany.

From smaller hand-held dance gongs to 160 cm concert-scaled gongs, each is a work of art in themselves, a talisman for healing and healing others. Our collections are inspired by the elements (earth, water, fire, air) as well as states of being (dreams, shemoon, sun, stardust and dance).

These are the gongs we play and learn on in our trainings and immersions.

Having learned over the years, the importance of well crafted gong and accessories, we have developed over time our own line of gongs, mallets, stands, gong covers and bags which we sell and ship worldwide.

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