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We teach people to feel and transform through the tones that are unfolding in their life through creating, receiving, and sharing Sound Healing and Sound Practices.

Sometimes we experience life as a cacophony and it’s our dharma to take that cacophony, and find the inhale, the exhale, the tension and the release, and the expansion and contraction… Through gentle encouragement, we remember all the natural processes to connect with ourselves, and we do it through sound.

Experience the beauty of our sound community in sound at one of our trainings.

We work with the sound of nature, and the nature of sound

Nature informs how we create and perceive sound. Over the years, there have been multiple systems set up to unify sound, often in a Western context and understanding of hertz, and universal tunings to them. We rely on earlier and more primal origins of sound based in nature and the elements (air, fire, water, ether, earth.), and our direct relationship with it.


Many years ago, while I was touring in New Zealand, preparing for a sound ceremony, we were invited to the community house of prayer ahead of our tour to be given blessing to play on their land. Part of this ritual was to play together. As I was preparing my instruments I asked one of the Maori players, what key his instrument was in. He laughed at me and took me outside. He said "Close your eyes and listen to the nature. Can you distinguish the keys of the sounds you hear?" I heard the birds, the background, the wind, human sounds, and all of the sounds around me. He asked, "Does it sound in harmony?"  I then realised all sounds, keys and frequencies are equal and they all belong to the one sound field. READ MORE 

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We invite healing without white gloves, pomp, or circumstance.

The root of why people join us in Sound is to explore sound for their curiosity, sound expansion, and soul healing journeys. We offer our retreats, training, and sound ceremonies without pretense or false performance. We meet our students right where they are so that they may access their own freedom in sound, through sound, and towards it.

Join the Circle of Sound, and the community of Sound Healing.

Sound Healing is not just about crystal bowls & new age-ness.

It’s about recalibrating the human experience through audial proprioception. Even those with hearing loss can feel and benefit from the vibrations of sound. And it’s not about instrumentation- it’s about your own voice and instrumentation, how sound emerges from the inside and outside of us, as we integrate movement, witness, and reciprocal generosity to experience all of it, in community.  Sound Medicine is about full participation, reception, and offering it out. 

Sound is our language of healing.
We believe Sound is part of the future of Medicine.

Sound Healing is a technique, an art, and a craft that can awaken someone out of what triggers them into a space of wholeness and expanded perception. By un-training the brain to hear new tunings, we move towards a broader spectrum of tones, both in sound and in experience. We all know the value of sound, from the first cries and lullabies of connection to the distinct frequencies that can transform a mood, reception, and feeling. We harness these experiences alongside new sounds, instrumentations, and immersive moments to integrate the wholeness of sound as part of a personal healing language and modality.

Let's get honest and real with our own healing practices. Learn, train, or join us for an upcoming Sound Ceremony.

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