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We teach people to feel and transform through the tones that are unfolding in their life through creating, receiving, and sharing Sound healing and Sound practices.

After meeting through a mutual colleague and mentor in Argentina in 2011, we knew immediately that the work we had been doing independently was meant for us to collaborate. After a few world tours, many individual and group offerings, we developed trainings, workshops, and live experiences to share Sound as healing, therapy, and medicine. We are grateful to have shared these practices with tens of thousands of people across the globe so they may better understand their relationship to themselves and their community through Sound.


Our methodology is woven from lifetimes of study and immersion in the philosophy, science and practice of Sound. This has come through our family lines, our teachers, personal inquiry, curiosity, travel, and play.


The Tone of Life Centre was founded in 2009 in Southern Poland.  In 2020 we relocated to the foothills of the Andalucian mountains in Spain. This sanctuary space houses a hall of gongs, private treatment rooms, lodging, and offerings that include Sound Ceremonies, trainings, retreats, workshops, personalised retreats, as well as MEM Yoga and a recording studio. 

We invite you to visit us, and experience Sound as Medicine.

Con amor,

Tom & Abby



Our journeys to understanding ourselves can be so overwhelming- they are just a tiny fraction of the process and experiences that we choose. I have made it my mission in life to support these journeys, and do it through the very tunings that have supported me.


Here’s my story:


I was born in communist Poland. It was a very different time than now.  I spent much of my time thinking about the destination. Much time was spent riding trains to the outer reaches of geopolitical zones - as far as they would let me- in my case it was Russia. I relished in where I could go, the exotic being at the edges of the rail line politically available. The sounds of the trains on rails, my first soundtrack...


Love and lineage, and life's struggles and golden emergence has guided my path since early childhood. 

I grew up off the grid in north-central Patagonia, Argentina. My mother was a West Indian healer and bodyworker, and my father was an aristocratic Londoner. Their choice to move to a remote and beautiful location infused me with a wisdom that connected anatomy, music, and the healing arts at an early age.

While I took space as an early adult to migrate to the UK and enter the mainstream world for transnational business, I returned to Argentina in 2007 to join my mother and work with her and my family at Casa Isis, the retreat centre she built...


Healing Through Sound: Instruments

Our live experiences and trainings include multiple instruments from across the globe to create a 5-dimensional experience, making the invisible visible, the unfelt felt, and inspire a return to the natural rhythms of our own existence.


We carry with us a library of instruments, beginning with our Tone of Life gongs, artist-constructed in Lithuania, made from silver nickel. The gongs, when layered, offer a density of ground felt in the body. We call it a "cellular restart." Also included are bi-neural flutes from the Slavic and South American traditions, as well as a catalog of more unusual instruments, like the water whistle. These intend to synchronise the brain and in some cases help clean the auditory senses. Always, the human voice plays a role. Further, the Handpan or Santur opens the heartto emergent feelings.

Always, we bring in harmonies and dissonances to inspire a transformation to arrive to a place of peace and centred-ness. If you have any questions about our instruments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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