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Abby Delsol

Love and lineage, life's struggles, and a triumphant emergence of Sound has guided my path since early childhood. 

I grew up off the grid in north-central Patagonia, Argentina. My mother was a West Indian healer and bodyworker, and my father: an aristocratic Londoner. This pairing lent itself to going back to the land, and living off the grid. I was infused at an early age with a wisdom that connected anatomy, music, and the healing arts. Like most young adults who grew up in the proverbial middle of nowhere, I left the family practice to lean into the more mainstream way of life, and returned for a long while to England. 

In 2001, I began the journey back to Self, endeavoring a two-year immersion in Shamanistic studies, and began to use the drum and rattle to help people reconnect with fractured parts of their being. Further studies in life and death rituals enabled me to deepen my practices. In that process, I happened upon a gong bath at a festival in England. It was like someone switched everything off, and the relief was infinite, and my journey deepened.

Practices that came to me through birth lineage began to collaborate with modalities in Sound and Yoga, leading me to study deeply with German Garro in Argentina. Back in my childhood home, I was able to support the work my family had begun at our holistic healing center. The community around the center grew, and we began receiving teachers we met along our journeys in Europe. 

One of those experiences was arranging the first gong training in Argentina in 2004. This particular experience launched the gong into a new audience and the practice of sound healing in that region. In 2006, my sister and I brought the first gong workshop to Barcelona. The love for the gong spread quickly, and for a number of years, we continued to organize yearly workshops both in Argentina and the UK.

In 2011, I invited Tom Soltron and Don Conreaux to take part in a tour of Argentina and Uruguay, where Tom facilitated a number of Sacred tone Improvisation workshops. There was a particular magic in these workshops and a synergy that called us to work together. We began offering concerts and sound baths in multiple cities across the globe, collaborating with Sound practitioners local and international,  The synergy and partnership was born, and Tom and I continued the work by offering concerts and sound baths, including three world tours.

Over the years to follow, we would cultivate curricula for retreats, workshops, and trainings. Together, we integrated the healing connections of Sound and movement to support others in their journeys into Sound and healing. We are humbled to have supported thousands of people across Europe, Asia, and South America (as well as the US and Canada) to open themselves to the power of Sound Medicine.  

It is with deep gratitude that I bow to all the Angels which have crossed my path, each enriching my experience of life in ways I would never have imagined. I honor my teachers, students as teachers, friends and the global Sound & Yoga community that have supported my exploration of Movement & Sound on this journey:

With great reverence to my parents Marie Delsol & Rowan Brain who knew and taught me the importance of living in tune with nature.  And my children who taught me unconditional love.  I honour my teachers, German Garro for inspiring me through the yoga that he shares and initiated me onto this path, Alex Hankey for his influence of transcendental meditation and his teacher the Maharishi, Eagle's Wing and Leo Rutheford, my sister Anabel Delsol for her companionship, Don Conreaux for introducing me to the Gong & the Muscle Emotion Meridian work, Monica Guinsburg for her continued sharing of Astrology, Alexandra Obregon and Daniel Cortes for their Medicine and teachings of the Inipi Ceremony, Janet Stone for re-inspiring me on my journey with Yoga, and my husband, Tom Soltron, for opening my heart to Music.

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