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Muscle Emotion Meridian Yoga

A journey through the Elements

Heaven and Earth in your Body

The concept of MEM Yoga is to understand how the traces of emotions become

lodged in the body, and the creation of a flow to take a closer look. There is a seated segment, a sound segment, flow, and ultimately: ease. Sound baths conclude every class, an element of the release of whatever needs moving through. 


This is not a silent yoga class. We utilize the six healing sounds from the Taoist tradition which relate to the meridians and the organs, bringing in the vowel sounds to the chakras and connecting to archetypes of emotion. Through breath, sound, and movement, we arrive at a more embodied state.

MEM Yoga is the culmination of nearly 30 years of practice, and includes a canon of logic that draws from subtle breath, sound, and movement that create a flow of movement with a focused intention. It's also an opportunity to connect with the seasonal fluctuations and the ever-changing, ever-evolving, and ever-flowing predictably unpredictable cycles of nature.

Classes are adaptable for all levels and most portions are accessible for those with special physical needs or restrictions. 

LIVE Classes are offered weekly at the Tone of Life Centre:

Mondays & Wednesday 19.30 to 21.00

Wednesdays 19.30 to 21.00

Thursday 09.30 to 11.00

Location: Tone of Life Centre 

Reservations for class are required. 

please check Instagram for updates prior to booking.


Pricing is based on sliding scale for increased access:

Single classes are on sliding scale: €8- €16

Bundle of four classes is €28-€64

About MEM & Abby Delsol

7 Generations of Healing

Love and lineage, and life's struggles and golden emergence has guided my path since early childhood. 

I grew up off the grid in north-central Patagonia, Argentina. My mother was a West Indian healer and bodyworker, and my father was an aristocratic Londoner. Their choice to move to a remote and beautiful location infused me with a wisdom that connected anatomy, music, and the healing arts at an early age.

While I took space as an early adult to migrate to the UK and enter the mainstream world for transnational business, I returned to Argentina in 2007 to join my mother and work with her and my family at Casa Isis, the retreat centre she built...

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