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Personalised Retreats

The science of Sound can be remarkably transformative. 

For those who are seeking a more private, intimate experience of learning the instruments and receiving Sound Therapy Healings, we are pleased to customise experiences at our Sound Centre in Malaga, Spain.

These highly curated retreats are for those who are seeking to deepen their personal relationship to Sound, to focus in on instrumentation for professional development, for friends or couples seeking to connect more deeply, and families or small groups who want to explore the transformational experience


These experiences are 1-4 days, and can include:

  • Sound Ceremony

  • Introduction to Gong, Voice, and Sound Instrumentation

  • Cocoon Ceremony

  • MEM Yoga (public and private classes)

  • complementary bodywork therapy

  • Sound Water Massage

  • food

  • lodging

It was pure chance that I found Tone of Life, and super grateful that we got to spend a private weekend with Abby & Tom. To be able to hear and experience their sacred sound ceremony is an experience of a lifetime. It is by far THE BEST sound bath session I have ever experienced in my life. It is out of this world and transcendental.


It raised my expectations from attending sound baths, and to learn to differentiate the quality of sound sessions. I was expecting to learn basic gong techniques, but I took away much more. I learned that to be a great sound facilitator, it is not just about learning techniques, or memorising sequences, but to observe what each person needs that comes to you, and play from the heart. It is about giving them an experience to enter deeper into their own inner world through sounds, and face their truth within to work through what needs to be worked on.


Abby & Tom were so gracious and candid in sharing their knowledge and experience. I am humbled in every way to be in their presence to learn how to offer sound sessions in the way they do. I leave the workshop with deep gratitude and new insights in my heart, ready to offer sound experiences with these new insights and learnings.


The mountains of Jubrique has also captured my heart, and I longed to be back as soon as I left. Thank you Abby & Tom for this beautiful weekend together. My spirit and vibrations has been raised, and not only did I learn about sound, I learned about life. Thank you for your teachings....


Joey Lamb, Singapore 2022

You will play gongs, shells, wind instruments, percussion, and learn to expand your voice. You will also feel the magic of connecting with others through transformative Sound. What makes these trainings so unique is that we bring our entire compendium of wisdom (link to timeline) to each and every experience. 


These experiences are for those who beginning their sound journey, as well as those who are seeking training to share with their communities and pair with other modalities. We focus on the embodiment of these practices as the starting point for sharing them.


During our time together, we build community in a way that will shift your paradigm on what is possible. What we wish for anyone who walks through the doors of our sound baths to experience will be experienced by us, first. You will learn to receive sound, embody it, and offer it back out.

If a more focused Sound experience is what you are looking for, we encourage you to join us. 

For those looking to deepen their professional training,

completion certificates are available for continuing education

from the Yoga Alliance for our 9-day trainings.

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