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Join the Circle of Sound

Bringing the subtle science of Sound that lives in each of us, and has the potential to emerge and transform us in beautiful, active healing. Accessing this part of ourselves is an emergent practice, and we invite you to join us in a skillful, community-centred approach to learning instrumentation, breath, voice, and movement.


Every year, we host multiple immersive experiences in our retreat center close to Malaga, Spain set amidst the Andalusian Mountains, as well as centres across the globe. From weekend workshops to week-long retreats and Intensive 9-day Sound Therapy trainings, each are intimate experiences which grow the capacity of all five senses and focus on the space between sound to transform our sensorial experience through the very sine waves that emanate.

The gong is the doorway! And for 9 days I stepped through every doorway presented to me. A full mind, body, spirit experience – a stillness and an awakening at the (9-day Intensive Gong Training) sound healing training. Thank you to Tom Soltron andAbby DelSol for such a rejuvenating and restorative journey. I’m still in awe! I feel deeply connected to the gong and the mirror that it is...


9-day Intensive Gong Training

You will play gongs, shells, wind instruments, percussion, and learn to expand your voice. You will also feel the magic of connecting with others through transformative Sound. What makes these trainings so unique is that we bring our entire compendium of wisdom to each and every experience. 


These experiences are for those who are beginning their sound journey, as well as those who are seeking training to share with their communities and pair with other modalities. We focus on the embodiment of these practices as the starting point for sharing them.


During our time together, we build community in a way that will shift your paradigm on what is possible. What we wish for anyone who walks through the doors of our sound baths to experience will be experienced by us, first. You will learn to receive sound, embody it, and offer it back out.

For those looking to deepen their professional training,

completion certificates are available for continuing education

from the Yoga Alliance for our 9-day trainings.

Private Retreats

For those who are looking for a more personal learning or healing experience, we offer 3-5 day private retreats at our Sound Centre, lodging included. We work with you to create transformative experiences that can include Sound Ceremony, Cocoon Sound Healing, and Water Sound Massage. These are also opportunities to learn the Gong, wind instruments, percussion and instruments from around the world. A truly epic experience and a great way to connect with yourself, a partner, reconnect with family or a small group of friends.  

Tone fo Life Triple stand with Tone of Life Gongs5.jpeg

Sound Healing Training Modules
for Healing Professionals

Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 7.56.32 PM.png

We are pleased to offer Sound Training Modules for Yoga Teacher Trainings, as well as professional mini-trainings for wellness center practitioner teams. These customized, effective, and transformative immersive modules ground students in the theories, principles, and practical applications of Sound Therapy in their healing modalities.

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