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You are Enough

You are the one you have been searching for...

We spend so much time looking outside for answers, for fixes, for fulfilment, for Love, when it was here all along. Yes, right here where you are standing, where I am standing. This is it, this is all there is. And yet we keep searching… there are books about it, gurus, retreats, tools, systems. And many of these are very useful to help us see that life is an ongoing practice, but many keep us hooked on a Ferris wheel of trying to ‘fix’ ourselves. The truth is my Dears, we are not broken. You are not broken, I am not broken.

We are a patchwork of life experiences longing to be woven together so we may feel whole. Each little piece shouting out to be seen, touched, noticed, acknowledged and integrated so to become a part of the larger picture. So you see, we cannot change our experiences, we can only accept and integrate them. Review them with a little distance, like reading a good old book again, finding messages you had missed, feeling deep gratitude for the new revelations. When we do this with our own story it takes a lot of courage and neutrality to just experience all the feelings around that moment without judgement. Yes, perhaps you want to run away from it, perhaps it is hard and painful, but remember: “This too will pass”

I approach those fragmented pieces of myself as I would a child who is hurt, crying, wanting motherly or fatherly comfort. I embrace myself and that is the most powerful medicine. Love - Self Love. Because You are Enough.

Our tool to discover these patterns and bring awareness to the fragmented pieces of ourselves that want to come home is Sound Medicine, especially the Gong. It has the potential to bring us to a place where we can perceive with the whole of our being, what is at the root of our discomfort, our pain, our separateness. It can give us the insight and power to take ownership of our own healing. If nothing else, a Gong well played balances our nervous system potentially bringing about a kind of stillness, then strength to step back out into the world. Every cell of our body takes a deep inhale and exhale, then silence.

No matter how this finds you, whether you are living in community or searching for your soul family, we are waiting for you. As we share our Art for Peace, our Sound Medicine, we invite you to open the doors of your heart wide open and re-join this community guided by the wisdom of sound and nature. If you’ve been curious or want to return to the heart space, please join us at our up and coming Sound Medicine festival in June 2023 with opportunities to connect, learn, and grow together. Will you join us?

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