Tone of Life Events. Workshops, Concerts, Tours and Events. We are Musicians, Sound Therapists and Yoga Teachers. We see music as a window to the soul. Through our unique combination of movement and sound we offer you a key to a Happy, Healthy Life.

25 May - 3 June 2018

9-Day Intensive Gong & Sound Therapy Training May/June 2018

We would like to welcome you as we do each year, to our magical space in the heart of the Polish mountains.

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29 June - 8 July 2018

9-Day Intensive Gong & Sound Therapy Training June/July 2018

Our retreat centre is a unique space surrounded by forests and nature with a hall full of Gongs and interesting instruments, where transformation and learning happen in an organic and gentle way.

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17 August - 26 August 2018

9-Day Intensive Gong & Sound Therapy Training August 2018

Taking you on a journey through sound where you can learn new techniques and practice diverse and varied methods of delivering sound as a way of healing.

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28 February to 28 March 2018

Spring Revival Tour – France, Spain & Portugal 2018

This Year’s tour takes us to the Far West of our continent, with a number of events in France, Spain, Portugal and Spain again!  Visiting old friends and meeting new… Full information to follow soon

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22 to 27 March 2018

The Art of Sound Healing – Spain

Join Tom Soltron on a Magic Journey through the world of sacred sound and the power of sound healing.

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6 - 8 April 2018

Song & Dance of my Soul – Pozńan

We invite you to an extraordinary adventure, of finding your voice through moment and expressing your movement through your voice… experiencing your Self in transformation.

“Any movement or sound is a profession of faith” Rumi

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13 - 15 April 2018

Sound Spa, Restart Weekend

Connecting with our need to take a breath of fresh air, change the scene, do something for ourselves that is just about being present with every aspect of our being, we have created this Magic weekend of Sound and deep connection with yourself.

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19-23 April 2018

MEM Yoga teacher training – Level 1

We don’t ‘have’ a life, we are life itself, and simultaneously we are the witness to life and all its expressions as it unfolds… Come and experience it!!!

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27 to 29 April 2018

Gong Playing in Therapy and Ceremony

Come and submerge in the deep ocean of sound, your mind, body and soul will be bathed with the tones of the Gong. This meeting is dedicated to all of those who are fascinated with the Gong and Musical Improvisation.

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3 to 7 May 2017

Hosted by Tone of Life Retreat Centre

Spring Yoga & Gong Mountain Retreat

Our 5 days retreat will be a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with your body and its needs through carefully designed yoga sessions, a chance to meet like-minded people, to let go of your daily life…

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11 - 13 May 2018

Movement & Voice, The Sound of your Body – Gdańsk

With Beata Eckert & Abby DelSol
Dance your feelings & Sing your Dance.  Expressing your body through movement and the needs of your soul through the voice, connect with Spirit and align with Life.


14 to 17 June

Hosted by Tone of Life Retreat Centre

Divine Sound Detox Retreat

Rebel Retreats are truly excited to be able to host this 3 day retreat in this unique location. We have put together a deeply restorative programme for you to let go and connect deeply with yourself through yoga, sound and dance.

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9 December 2017 - 19.30pm

Sacred Sound Ceremony – Warsaw

The aim is to go int a deep state of relaxation, taking you to a space of neutrality, a space of bliss where the mind, body and soul’s natural healing process begins…

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