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Solfeggio Frequency: Myth, Truth, or Just a Story?

Since 2009 I have listened to many Solfeggio Frequency numbers on the internet and wanted to find proof :) or confirmation to the Solfeggio Frequency Stories that I found on the internet and read about in various books; that they work with our feelings and even some repair our DNA like the 528Hz.

None of these tracks really affected me in a way that gave me confirmation from the heart that they work as they say they do. I started to make my own Solfeggio numbers to check if the frequencies really work or not, as I did not enjoy many of the tracks I had heard so far. In fact some of the so called Solfeggio numbers on the internet are simply sound waves shaped to the desired direct frequency, which I can make in 10 minutes, I did not enjoy listening to these numbers at all.

Inspired by words which I believed to be from Heisinberg “… there is no such thing as an objective experiment because the person conducting experiment has direct influence on the effect”.

I decide to make my own with a focused Intention which I brought to these tracks. I was making each number in about 2-3 months, collecting the sounds from the Ocean, Whales, Forests, Voices, Instruments, Synths, 4 elements Gongs from Tone of Life, etc. In about the last two years I have made 6 of these tracks. And, even if I say so myself, they worked very well for me as my Intention was clear and connected with my feelings during the creation of each number. During the whole creation process I had my own inner Journey.

Now I play these numbers for many people during our concerts, workshops, meditation, dance meditation and am happy with the results. I do understand also that it is very personal regarding our taste of music and the way we are connected with our feelings. I put out all these tracks on the internet and have read many peoples comments and letters about their Journey. This has given me a bigger picture. Many people like them, very few do not and this is Ok with me. In the world of Oneness we are all different, this is what makes the world a fascinating place to live 🙂

So at the end of this experiment I can not confirm that the Solfeggio frequencies I listen to have made changes in my body and life, but I feel that my Intention while creating this Music made changes in my life and helped me to embrace many parts of my soul to bring together and simply enjoy the experience.

I Hope my story helps you a bit with research on solffeggio, maybe it is time to make your own solfeggio numbers 🙂

Much Love

Tom Soltron


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