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Evolutionary Astrology, understanding the karmic dynamics of the soul played out in this life.

Evolutionary Astrology offers a lens on astrology that provides a profound context for understanding the karmic and evolutionary dynamics within the soul that are being played out in the current life.

Your astrological birth chart provides you with a deep understanding of where you have been and where you unconsciously seek to expand and grow.  Tuning your conscious identity with these unconscious soul desires, will help you achieve harmony, acceptance and honour the power you incarnated to experience this lifetime.

I had an early start with Astrology back in 2002, learning classical-basic astrology, but after two years I dropped out as I came to the conclusion that “I create my own reality”

In 2010 some astrological “predictions” manifested strongly in my life and I came again to Astrology for a short time.  It was only in 2018 after a very intense life experience, that I finally realised that not only did my Conscious Identity create my reality but so did my Soul Desires (Unconsciousness).

As a Soul, we all made the choice, ( before we were born into this body), to experience this life in a unique way. Evolutionary Astrology helped me to accept, harmonise and work (in progress) with these choices/desires.

To Prepare for the session, that takes 1.30 hour, I need your Birth Date, Place of Birth (town/city) and the exact time of birth. ( Please check if you still can with your mother/family and confirm the time on your birth metric) Session can be online-zoom.  I generally prefer a live meeting as this is Intuitive Soul guided conversation.

Exchange €250

To book an appointment contact Tom Soltron via email to


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