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We have always felt that living in community is the key to a simpler life, one where we can be who we are in this very moment, with all our eccentric creativity, grief and trauma. A space where no matter what, you are embraced as part of a family because life is so much simpler when there is full acceptance of who you are.

At the end of the day most of us just want to be heard. We carry our story on our back or hips or chest and all we want is for someone to listen, not judge. And sometimes by simply unravelling that story we find ourselves, somewhere deep under the expectations that we or our family or society has layered upon us. Perhaps all it takes is a quiet space in nature where as you come into contact with the elements through all of your sense you see the wider picture, the one that you are part of. Or maybe just meditating during a Yoga class, or surrendering during a Sound Ceremony you find that split second of inner peace which fills you with energy, strength and confidence to just go with the flow of life.

Over the past two years, external influences have challenged the archetypal concept of the Aquarian age, driving us apart, encouraging separation, isolation and mistrust. As a result many of us had to dig deep and tap into our creative power to keep connection, community being the essential healer. There are places and spaces, in real time and virtual, offering this connection in ways we have not experienced before. People across the globe are able to meet, share and hold each other through our personal and collective pain.

Unexpectedly and without searching, we found community in our little village in the mountains, or did it find us? Someone once told us “Andalusian’s are very special people, they do everything with passion” We see that all around us. Such a zest for life that is contagious and heart opening. It feels at times reflected and reflecting the wild authenticity of its surrounding nature. This community embraced us as though we were a long lost relative, our work with Sound now part of the repertoire of Dons enjoyed by locals and used to promote the village to newcomers.

Through our integration we have discovered the power of the hive which is connected not only to nature but to one another, supporting each other in times of need and celebrating life together… Music is always there, helping us dig deep into our soul and heal.

This energy permeates everything. Just a few weeks ago we closed our September 9 Day Intensive Gong & Sound Therapy Training. It was truly an expansive, heart warming experience to share not only our Gongs & tons of other instruments, but also our village and friends. Creating new bonds, weaving the tapestry of life through feeling tones in a loving space created by each of the beautiful souls that participated. It was an incredibly healing experience that we want to share again and again.

No matter how this finds you, whether you are living in community or searching for your soul family, we are waiting for you. As we share our Art for Peace, we invite you to open the doors of your heart wide open and re-join this community guided by the wisdom of sound and nature.

If you’ve been curious or want to return to the heart space, we have many gatherings in 2023 to connect with the Medicine of Sound and experience community together, again.


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