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9 Day Intensive Gong & Sound Therapy Training

Is a unique learning experience through practice, self enquiry, sharing and listening.

As the 9 days unfold we deepen in the practice of Sound Healing.  Offering a wide range of practices from many cultures around the world, to awaken your own inspiration and confidence in offering a deep and grounded Sound Healing session both for groups and individuals, based on your own experience.

Sound Healing is a technique, an art, and a craft that can awaken someone out of what triggers them into a space of wholeness and expanded perception. By un-training the brain to hear new tunings, we move towards a broader spectrum of tones, both in sound and in experience. We all know the value of sound, from the first cries and lullabies of connection to the distinct frequencies that can transform a mood, reception, and feeling. We harness these experiences alongside new sounds, instrumentations, and immersive moments to integrate the wholeness of sound as part of a personal healing language and modality.

After over 2 decades of offering these practices, we firmly believe that the most effective way to use Sound to support others in their healing process is though our own experience.  We are constantly investigating, learning and nourishing ourselves in order to share a solid embodied Healing experience.

Bringing the subtle science of Sound that lives in each of us, and has the potential to emerge and transform us in beautiful, active healing. Accessing this part of ourselves is an emergent practice, and we invite you to join us in a skilful, community-centred approach to learning instrumentation, breath, voice, and movement.

In our 9 Day Intensive Gong & Sound Therapy Training, you will play gongs, shells, bowls, wind instruments, percussion, and learn to expand your voice. You will have access to many instruments to practice and learn how to include these in a well balanced session or just for Joy.  You will also feel the magic of connecting with others through transformative Sound. What makes these trainings so unique is that we bring our entire compendium of wisdom to each and every experience. 


These experiences are for everyone, those who are beginning their sound journey; those who are seeking training to share with their communities and pair with other modalities as well as your own personal healing and growth. We focus on the embodiment of these practices as the starting point for sharing them.


During our time together, we build community in a way that will shift your paradigm on what is possible. What we wish for anyone who walks through the doors of our sound baths to experience will be experienced by us, first. You will learn to receive sound, embody it, and offer it back out.

Our methodology is woven from lifetimes of study and immersion in the philosophy, science and practice of Sound.

Some of the more academic aspects we cover during the 9 Day Training are:

  • The Power of the Gong, how it is made and how it works. Practical advice on choosing your gong

  • How to play the Gong intuitively

  • Gong playing in different settings - Individual Session, Group Session, Sound Bath V Concert

  • Working with the Elements of Nature

  • How Sound Healing works

  • Multi-instrumentality, Combining Sounds and Transitions from one sound scape to another in an organic way

  • Tribal Sound Healing Practices from around the world applied to modern times

  • How to set up a Sound Healing Session

  • Ways to set up in different settings - Outdoor/Indoor

  • How the seasons impact our physical/emotional state

  • The difference between Sacred Sound Ceremony, Gong Bath & Sound Bath

  • Using your Voice

During the 9 Day Intensive Gong & Sound Therapy Training you will experience:

Sacred Sound Ceremony

Dynamic Meditation

Vocal Activation


Multi-Instrumental Improvisation

Singing Bowl Massage

(Depending on the weather - Singing Bowl Massage in the Water)

Cocoon Sound Bath

Yoga & Sound (MEM Yoga)

Breath work

Yoga Nidra

Mainly we teach you to feel and transform through the tones that are unfolding in you life through creating, receiving, and sharing Sound Healing and Sound Practices.

We work with the sound of nature, and the nature of sound, nature informs how we create and perceive sound. Over the years, there have been multiple systems set up to unify sound, often in a Western context and understanding of hertz, and universal tunings to them. We rely on earlier and more primal origins of sound based in nature and the elements (air, fire, water, ether, earth.), and our direct relationship with it.

Sometimes we experience life as a cacophony and it’s our dharma to take that cacophony, and find the inhale, the exhale, the tension and the release, and the expansion and contraction… Through gentle encouragement, we remember all the natural processes to connect with ourselves, and we do it through sound.

During the 9 days we work organically with time according to the needs of the group.  The only frame we follow is that set by our biological needs to eat and sleep!!

That said, our timetable looks a little like this:

Day 0:


Day 1:

10:00 First meeting

14:00 Lunch & Break

17:00 Afternoon Session

20:00 End of Activities for the day - Supper

Day 2 to 8:

8:30 Morning Sadhana - Yoga & Sound

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Morning Session

14:00 Lunch & Break

17:00 Afternoon Session

20:00 End of Activities for the day - Supper

Day 9:

8:30 Morning Sadhana - Yoga & Sound

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Morning Session/Closing Circle

14:00 Lunch



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